Greek Letter Forms

GLO Registration Guide

This registration guide includes specific requiements for Greek-Letter Organizations to complete.

Slug Greek Excellence Program

The Slug Greek Excellence Program is meant to elevate the creative environments that student organizations provide. This includes collaboration, agency, organization dynamics, integrity of purpose, relations with constituents, and self-understanding. The purpose of the program is to provide the GLO community with a framework for how chapters can evaluate both their contributions to a more just and safe campus community, as well as areas of improvement.

Chapter Executive Form

This form is required whenever there are changes to your Executive Board. Please submit an update copy to your SOAR Advisor.

Chapter Roster

Chapter Rosters are updated and submitted on a quarterly basis. Information that is required to be included are Cumulative Chapter GPA, name of member, Student ID, UCSC email, status of completing Anti-Hazing Form, and Membership Status. Please contact your SOAR advisor to obtain access to the Google Spreadsheet of the Chapter Roster.

Chapter Acknowledgement of Sponsorship

This form is required for each chapter.

Anti-Hazing Form

This form is required for each active, inactive, and prospective member of the organization. A chapter executive member must submit a request for each of their members. 

Click here to see a Guide to help you fill out the form. 

New Member Educational Schedule

A New Member Education Schedule must be submitted each quarter where a new class will be initiated for the chapter. The document must capture all meetings, programs, activities, and events held from bid day to crossing. All of these must include date, time, location, goals, and attendance. Please note that all crossing ceremonies must be completed by Friday of Week 10 of each quarter. As a note, you may use your own manual or document with the requested information above or you may use the template provided.

GLO Master Evaluation Form

This required form can be used to record and document the evaluations for the Preventative & Education workshopPhilanthropy event, and Collaborative event. If you are submitting multiple evaluations, please fill out this Google form for each one separately. All evaluations are due no later than 5 business days after the event.


Expansion Related Documents

Expansion Council Member Selection Process View PDF
This document outlines the process for selecting members for the Expansion Council.

Expansion Policy | View PDF
The Expansion Policy outlines the required procedure for establishing University recognition of new Greek-Letter Organizations. UC Santa Cruz operates with an assumption of non-expansion unless a need has been determined to change this assumption.

Reactivation Policy | View PDF
The Reactivation Policy outlines the required procedure for reactivation of an inactive Greek-Letter Organization that was previously recognized by the Office of Records for Greek-Letter Organizations (SOAR). To be considered as a candidate for reactivation, the Greek-Letter Organization must have been recognized by the Office of Records for Greek-Letter Organizations (SOAR) within the last 2 academic years (Fall to Spring). As of the 2022 - 2023 academic year, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi is eligible for reactivation on our campus.

Reactivating / Re-Charting a Greek-Letter Organization
The graphic below explains which policy you will follow for the possibility of reactivating / re-charting a Greek-Letter Organization.

Was your Greek-Letter Organization recognized by the University within the last 2 years?
Yes No
Please review the Reactivation Policy. Please review the Expansion Policy.

Expansion Council Memo | View PDF
This memo regards Expansion for the 2022 - 2023 Academic School Year.

Email Listserv for Expansion | Open Google Form
Thank you for expressing interest in wanting to start a new Greek-Letter Organization on campus. For the 2022 - 2023 academic year, there will be no expansion of new Greek-Letter Organizations. If you would like to meet with the Expansion Council to discuss your interest in expansion, please sign up on the Google Form.