About SOMeCA

Our Mission

SOAR/Student Media/Cultural Arts and Diversity (SOMeCA) is dedicated to the success of UCSC’s campus-wide student organizations.

Student organizations are transformative learning environments, vital to the educational mission of the university. They offer students opportunities to engage as leaders and to make a difference. They create programs and productions that build community and campus-wide discourse.

SOMeCA’s professional and experienced staff offers leadership training, mentorship, organizational advising, instruction, and project management so students can:

  • Develop educational and professional pathways
  • Connect with successful and dedicated alumni
  • Advance their voice and leadership in university decision-making process
  • Build supportive communities
  • Be empowered to foster diversity and civic engagement
  • Create events and productions that reflect their diverse experiences

SOMeCA services are designed in collaboration with students and colleagues to meet the changing needs of the UCSC student body.