Student Organization Leadership (SOL) Council Classes

SOMeCA is home to five student-initiated governance councils. Each council:

  • Develops educational opportunities for the UCSC student body through democratic processes
  • Offers council members a full year of leadership training and experience
  • Serves as a space for students to develop their agency and voice
  • Practices democratic budgeting in the allocation of resources, guided by principles developed by students
Councils governing student fees are responsible for the ethical use and management of the fees. SOMeCA Councils studied, analyzed, and created Principles of Democratic Budgeting.
Responsibility of upholding your role in the organization and upholding the organization's integrity through ethical budgeting practices.
The honest commitment to making budgeting processes understandable, available, and accurate for members of the organization and the communities they serve.
Effective communication of diverse perspectives through constructive dialogue to facilitate informed and responsible decisions.
Ethical decisions are free of self-interest and ego. Decisions are based on what the organization identifies as their needs leading towards community transformation.
Ensuring long-term sustainable planning by intentionally allocating financial resources and proactively adapting to anticipated and unanticipated needs.