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This is a moment of opportunity. UCSC is offering unique Registered Student Organizations in which students can engage as leaders, tackle real life issues, and master the skills needed in the classroom and in their careers.

SOMeCA programs are designed for active, experiential learning. We offer trainings, mentorship, and a network of alumni in all fields. Through the Student Agency Model, we have built a community of over 200 dynamic organizations in which students can gain the knowledge and experience that employers and national leaders are looking for, such as critical thinking, applied knowledge in real-world settings, ethical decision making, complex problem solving, and intercultural competence.

Join in the SOMeCA community and engage your future! Check out a SOMeCA organization or event or visit us at any of our offices.




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Upcoming  Events

Feb  24
Feb. 24-28 SOMeCA Offices may be closed. Please contact your SOMeCA Office directly for more information
Feb  28
African American Theatre Arts Troupe: Skeleton Crew - Feb. 28-29, March 1st
Mar  3
California Primary Election - Click here for more info

SOMeCA Values

Katherine Canales; Associate Director
The following values were selected through surveys and discussions amongst students, staff, and alumni. 

AccountabilityBeing responsible for one’s impacts and responsive to feedback

CollectivityTo actively inquire, include, and learn from others

AgencyTo interact with the world fully and actively

IntegrityDoing the right thing at all times regardless of how you might be affected

CompassionTo suffer with others and act with understanding and without separation

MindfulnessBeing aware and present to what is happening without filters of distraction, prejudice, or other social norms

SOAR Resources

Below are links to different resources used by SOAR Organizations:

Media Resources

Below are links to different resources used by Student Media Students:

Cultural Arts Resources

Below are links to different resources used by CAD Students: