2019-2020 Registered Student Organizations

To get in touch with an organization, email soar@ucsc.edu to ask for the contact information for the organization. SOMeCA can only provide contact information for organizations that are currently registered.




    Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)-Women

    Inspire female students within STEM and help them in their career. Be a community (friends, support, network). Encourage women in tech to pursue goals/jobs in a professional world. Build career and technical skills.


    Chicanxs and Latinxs Educandose provides workshops and events to address the low rates of recruitment, retention, and graduation that the Chicanx/Latinx student community faces within the higher education.

    Chemistry Club

    The purpose of this club is to unite STEM students and engage in the community through volunteer work.

    Cognitive Science Student Association (CogSci)

    CSSA is created for students seeking academic guidance and community within the interdisciplinary major of cognitive science.

    Community Unified Student Network


    Providing a sense of community and promoting retention towards but not exclusive to, Asian American/Pacific Islander students on campus.

    Competitive Math Team @ UCSC

    To bring together students who have an interest and passion in furthering their math and critical thinking skills.

    Creative Tech Design (CTD)

    Create an environment where people can learn more about what HCI means what product design is about.

    Developer Student Club at UCSC (DSC)

    To impact and empower students through understanding, using and reflecting about technology. DSC will host workshops, projects and other events.

    Hermanos Unidos de UCSC (HU)

    Hermanos Unidos is a Latino male familia based on three pillars focusing on matriculation and retention of higher education.

    Historical Slug

    Providing an outlet for undergraduate students in the humanities and social science to publish their research.

    MCAT Declassified

    To offer a free alternative to MCAT prep.

    Model United Nations (SLUG MUN)

    To provide those interested in international affairs, politics, public speaking, and competition with a platform to hone said interests and skills.

    Morning Sign Out (MSO)

    Provide academic resources to students as well as write articles to better communication & writing skills.

    National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS)

    An academic honors society for the top 20% of freshman and sophomores that focuses on community service, professional development, and personal growth.

    Olive Tree Initiative

    The Olive Tree Initiative promotes conflict analysis and resolution through rigorous academic preparation, experiential education and leadership development.

    Pre-Health Student Council


    The purpose of the PHSC is to establish a sense of communication and collaborative efforts between pre-health SOAR clubs on campus in an effort to build a stronger pre-health community at UCSC.

    Pre-Veterinary Club at UCSC

    To encourage pre-veterinary students at UCSC to pursue a career in veterinary medicine by providing support, community, volunteer opportunities and leadership positions.

    Slug Thoughts

    Create a community in which we can foster discussion amongst a diverse group of critical thinks.

    Slugs United by Mathematics (SUM)

    To bring together a community of like-minded peers interested in the subject of mathematics, and provide weekly group activities.

    Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE)

    SASE is dedicated to the advancement of Asian heritage scientists and engineers in education and employment so that they can achieve their full career potential.

    START (Students Transforming and Advancing Research Together)

    Undergraduate research symposium and to provide opportunities.

    Undergraduate Neuroscience Club (UNC)

    The purpose of the UNC will be to link undergraduates who share an interest in neuroscience to a community that fosters an open mind and cerebral environment.

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  • Cultural & Identity

    African Student Union (ASU)

    African Student Union (ASU) is a student organization at UC Santa Cruz open to all students who are of African descent or are interested in learning more about the African cultures.

    Armenian Student Association (ASA)

    To bring Armenians, and people interested in Armenian Culture, together to enjoy Armenian Culture and history.

    Asian American + Pacific Islander Student Alliance (APISA)

    Works towards building a strong Asian and Pacific Islander (API) Community by fostering critical consciousness of historical and ongoing struggles in API communities.

    Bangladeshi Students Association

    To promote, advance and spread awareness about Bangladesh and her cultural heritage.


    The mission of Bayanihan is to be a support organization that promotes unity and empowerment through the awareness of our diverse community. We strive to be a cultural resource as well as foster open forum to our community.

    Black Men's Alliance (BMA)

    A collective and inclusive space where men of African descent can have a community and brotherhood.

    Black Student Union (BSU)

    To serve and retain ABC identifying students by fostering a safe space form educational, political, and self-growth pertaining to the Afrikan diaspora.

    Black Womxn’s Alliance (BWA)

    The purpose is to create community and navigate the university collectively with those who identify and are in support of Black Womxn.

    Centro Americanos Unidos (CAU)

    To educate ourselves and our community about the uniqueness and diversity found within Central American and Latinx cultures. #noborders

    Chinese Student Association (CSA)

    A social and ethnic club to promote Chinese-American heritage and offer support and social gatherings.

    Chinese Students & Scholars Association (CSSA)

    CSSA is dedicated to fostering friendships in the Chinese community, promoting the interests, and awareness of chinese culture in the UCSC community while helping new students settle down quickly.

    Chinese Union at UCSC

    Helping international students with their everyday lives.

    College Diabetes Network (CDN) at UCSC

    CDN at UCSC provides a space for students to learn from each other and inspire one another through the challenges that come with being a diabetic and similarly works to advocate and educate the larger community at UCSC about living with diabetes.

    Grupo Folklorico Los Mejicas (Los Mejicas)

    To help preserve and perform Mexican Folk Dance and serve as an environment for anyone to feel safe and strive to be better dancers, students and individuals.

    Han Chinese Clothing Association

    Helps to promote the art style and culture of traditional Chinese through the traditional clothing and customs.

    Hermanas Unidas de UCSC (HaU)

    Hermanas Unidas provides undergraduate, graduate, and professional leadership opportunities and resources to predominantly Latina/Chicana students by participating in academic, community service, and social networking events.

    Hip Hop Congress Chapter

    Hip Hop Congress is a network of individuals and organizations that are taking the necessary transformation of the world by uplifting culture for the creative development of artists and young people through education, civic engagement and equitable resource exchange.

    Hmong Student Association (HSA)

    To provide cultural awareness, to promote higher education through our outreach program, and to create a safe, and welcoming environment.

    Indian Student Association (ISA)

    An organization dedicated to spread Indian cultural awareness, bringing communities together by promoting diversity and harmony.

    Iranian Student Union

    The purpose of this club is to create an environment open to those wanting to explore and appreciate the Iranian and Persian Culture.

    Japanese Student Association (JSA)

    Create a community surrounding Japanese and Nikkei culture.

    Korean American Student Association (KASA)

    Promote the unique and extraordinary Korean culture to students of all backgrounds and provide opportunities for fellowship, friendship and networking.

    Kuya Ate Mentorship Program (KAMP)

    KAMP is a student initiated and student led retention program that targets, but not exclusive to, the PilipinX community.

    Minorities in Anthropology (MIA)

    Facilitate the participation of minority and underrepresented group within the Anthropology Department.

    Salsita Dance Group

    To provide and cultivate an open space that enables student’s retention through the appreciation of Latin American cultural dances.

    South Asian Federation (SAF)

    To unite the South Asian population at UCSC in a cultural, social and political sense.

    Student Alliance of North American Indians (SANAI)

    To increase the awareness of both the University and community environments regarding issues affecting indigenous people throughout the Americas and to provide support for native students at UCSC through community.

    Taiwanese American Student Association (TASA)

    TASA is a social and cultural organization focused on exploring Taiwanese-American culture and heritage at UCSC.

    Taiwanese Student Association (TSA)

    Promote an environment to Taiwanese students or anyone that’s interested in our culture. A place to make friends and feel like home.

    Underground Scholars Initiative

    To support formerly incarcerated and system impacted students in the transition experience. With a focus on recruitment, retention, advocacy and policy. We aim to bridge the popular academic theoretical discourse of mass incarceration with one that is grounded in the lived experiences of UCSC students and students from surrounding communities.

    Vietnamese Student Association (VSA)

    To spread awareness of Vietnamese Culture within the community.

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  • Environmental & Sustainability

    Emergency Medical Slugs

    Provide medical trainings and services based on the emergency medical services.

    Marine Science Club

    To create an inclusive and supportive community of young marine scientists and ocean enthusiasts.

    Sea Slugs at UCSC

    Our purpose is to promote environmental stewardship through education & coastal community service.

    Solar Club

    Create a safe space for students to learn about renewable energy, facilitate workshop time for solar projects and plan environmental advocacy movements.


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  • General Interest

    Astrophotography Slugs (APS)

    Promoting a wonder for space and finding ways to share this with others!

    Banana Slugs for Animals

    To educate and advocate on behalf of farmed animals and create a fun and safe environment for students at different parts in their reg journeys to connect.

    Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres)

    To reduce suffering, both locally and globally, through community service, philanthropy, and the power of medicine.

    Game Design and Art Collaborations (GDA)

    Our goal is to facilitate a space and environment where students from all backgrounds and majors can come together to create video games.

    Medieval Club of UCSC

    Researching and recreating the arts and skills of pre-17th century Europe.

    Philosophical Slug Society

    To create an outlet for UCSC students to engage in philosophical dialogue.

    Plant Sciences Club

    To give students with an interest in plant sciences a space to discuss and learn more about plants.

    Santa Cruz Artificial Intelligence

    Consolidating undergraduate interest in machine learning and AI; SCAI will host lectures, workshops and events and members will pursue project based learning.

    Santa Cruz Smash Bros & Fighting Game Community

    Host and organize video game tournaments, hangouts, and more for students. Build the Super Smash Bros and FGC communities.

    Slug Anime & Manga Association (S.A.M.A)

    The purpose of this club is to promote the understanding Japanese popular culture through the medium of its animation (anime)

    Slug Gaming

    To establish and support a friendly, welcoming community for both casual and competitive gamers at UC Santa Cruz.

    Society of STEM Sisters

    A social organization to empower women in STEM related fields and major

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  • Greek Letter

    Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity (ΑΕΠ)

    Our mission is to develop the future leaders of the world’s Jewish communities.

    Alpha Kappa Delta Phi Sorority (ɑΚΔΦ)

    The purpose is to promote sisterhood, scholarship, service, sisterhood and Asian-Awareness in the University and the community.

    Alpha Kappa Psi (ΑΚΨ)

    Encourage people to enjoy developing their professional skills to be better prepared for the future in a collaborative environment.

    Alpha Phi Omega (ΑΦΩ)

    To prepare campus and community leaders through service.

    Alpha Psi Sorority (ΑΨ)

    The purpose of this organization will be to establish and maintain a sisterhood of women encouraging personal and social development, while striving for academic and intellectual excellence.

    College Panhellenic

    Assist collegiates in their advocacy and support 3 organizations for the advancement of the sorority experience.

    Delta Sigma Pi (ΔΣΠ)

    Co-ed professional business fraternity organized to foster the study of business in universities.

    Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. (ΔΣϴ)

    Sisterhood, Scholarship, and community service with an emphasis in serving the Black Community.

    Gamma Phi Beta (ΓΦΒ)

    Our mission is to inspire the highest type of womanhood.

    Inter Greek Council (IGC)

    Inter-Greek Council is the governing board for the 25 Greek-letter organizations that exist at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

    Kappa Alpha Theta (ΚΑΘ)

    Social organization to promote sisterhood. First Greek letter fraternity for women and newest fraternity at UCSC.

    Kappa Gamma Delta Sorority (ΚΓΔ)

    The purpose of Kappa Gamma Delta is to educate students about grad school applications & helps them with that process; to develop leadership, communication skills & maturity; & to provide support academically, emotionally & socially.

    Kappa Kappa Gamma (ΚΚΓ)

    Kappa Kappa Gamma is an organization to support women socially, academically, and to encourage philanthropy. To strengthen the bonds of sisterhood.

    Kappa Zeta Sorority (KZ)

    To serve the womxn and children of Santa Cruz/Watsonville through philanthropy.

    Lambda Theta Alpha Sorority, Inc. (ƛϴΑ)

    To empower womxn of color in higher education through sisterhood.

    Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law (ΦΑΔ)

    Form a strong bond uniting students to advance the ideals of liberty and equal justice under law. To guide students in pursuing a legal career.

    Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi (ΣΑΕΠ)

    The purpose of this organization shall be to promote unity, support, and a Jweish awareness, as well as provide a Jewish experience for ourselves, our members, and the community. Devoted to friendship, motivation, opportunity, leadership and well being.

    Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity, Inc. (ΣƛΒ)

    To empower and foster intellectual and social development.

    Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority Inc. (ΣƛΓ)

    Latina-based, now multicultural Greek Organization that is committed to promoting womyn empowerment in our community and the world.

    Sigma Mu Delta Fraternity (ΣΜΔ)

    To unify pre-medical students in a brotherhood dedicated to academic excellence and provide an inspirational atmosphere.

    Sigma Omicron Pi Sorority (ΣΟΠ)

    SOPi offers women a supportive network of sisters to achieve academic and social growth.

    Sigma Phi Zeta Fraternity (ΣΦΖ)

    We strive to represent our pillars of: Brotherhood, Academic Excellence, Community Service. and multiculturalism.

    Sigma Pi Alpha Sorority, Inc. (ΣΠΑ)

    A Chicana/Latina based sorority that strives to empower women from all cultures through community service, campus involvement, and sisterhood.

    Sigma Pi Fraternity International (ΣΠ)

    Currently under Interim Suspension by the UC Santa Cruz

    United in Brotherhood to advance truth & justice, promote scholarship, encourage chivalry, and diffuse culture.


    Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity (ΤΚΕ)

    To promote better men for a better world by fostering brotherhood and growth.

    Theta Pi Sigma (ϴΠΣ)

    The purpose of Theta Pi Sigma is to strengthen Greek life by providing a vehicle for positive leadership, change, and growth in the LGBTQIA+ community.

    Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. (ΖΦΒ)

    A community conscious action oriented organization committed to scholarship, service, sisterhood, and Finer Womanhood.

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  • Media - Broadcast

    Film Production Coalition (FPC) Tackling the challenges of short film and documentary filmmaking, the Film Production Coalition aims to provide students with the opportunities to work in groups to create short narrative or documentary films. Students involved in FPC achieve hands-on experience with a wide variety of aspects attributed to the filmmaking process.
    On the Spot (OTS) From writing and acting to producing and editing, On The Spot (OTS) does it all. OTS strives to provide quality entertainment programming, while offering students hands-on experience with television production. OTS is a student-run broadcast organization that produces numerous television shows including sketch-comedy shows, music videos, and psychological thrillers.
    Student Cable Television (SCTV) Housing all four of Student Media’s broadcast and film production organizations under one roof, SCTV exposes students to a plethora of diverse production organizations ranging from comedy television shows to short films. The autonomous student-led organizations strive to expose students interested in any aspect of film and television production with hands-on experience.

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  • Media - Print

    Alay Housed under UCSC’s Filipino Student Association, Alay is an original student publication comprised of written and visual art, submitted by community members to promote student artwork and expression.
    Chinquapin Chinquapin is the longest running student governed literary magazine at UCSC. This organization annually publishes fiction, non-fiction, prose, poetry, art and photography from students and alumni.
    City on a Hill Press City on a Hill Press (CHP) is dedicated to reporting and analyzing the issues affecting the student population. CHP serves as watchdogs for the politics of the UC administration and works on covering unreported events, ideas and voices. The campus paper also provides a space for Santa Cruz residents to present their views and interact with the campus community. Ideally, CHP’s work will serve as an arena for debate, challenge, and ultimately, change.
    EyeCandy Devoted to the study and publication of television, digital media, and film criticism, the EyeCandy Journal provides students with an opportunity to engage with and research media-related issues they are passionate about. The journal creates a more creative and personal outlet for students to write academic film criticism that goes beyond the scope of traditional Film and Digital Media courses.
    Fishrap Live! Fish Rap Live! is a comedic newspaper which publishes every three weeks, reminiscent in style to The Onion.
    Fruitcake Fruitcake Magazine is a student-run, annually published comic magazine with a sprinkle of humorous fiction! We’re dedicated to providing a space for students to express their thoughts and experiences through the comic format.
    Leviathan Jewish Journal Leviathan is a student-run, quarterly publication at the University of California Santa Cruz. We publish articles, columns, stories and artwork from students pertaining to the Jewish community and experience.
    Matchbox Magazine Matchbox Magazine is a UC-wide collaborative creative writing project. The magazine publishes prose, poetry, and art created by students throughout the UC system, and distributes copies of their magazine to the literature departments at each UC School.
    Red Wheelbarrow Red Wheelbarrow is a student-run literary journal based on the University of California, Santa Cruz campus. We publish annually and serve the UCSC community by providing a free publication that showcases student art, poetry, and prose.
    Scientific Slug Scientific Slug is a student-run magazine that connects artists, writers, and scientists/researchers to communicate current research at UCSC. Combining diverse writing pieces and original artwork in a variety of mediums, our goal is to bridge the gap between students and scientists. Students of different majors come together to both educate and entertain the community. We publish a printed magazine twice a year, and run a weekly blog.
    Third World and Native American Student Press Collective (TWANAS) The Third World and Native American Students Press Collective (TWANAS) is an activist publication that works to change and engage the UCSC community through their journalism. The visions and goals of TWANAS are to: provide a space to exchange and challenge media that is created; publish meaningful articles that humanize issues and representations of people in the popular media; and acknowledge and embrace the inspiration and commitment to social justice.

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  • Performing & Visual Arts

    Acquire A Cappella

    To perform and bring music and fun to the Santa Cruz community through A Cappella.

    Cloud 9 A Cappella

    To sing and spread student taught and learned acessible music to the UCSC and Santa Cruz community.

    Comedy Joust (CJ)

    To perform and practice the art of improvisation.

    Foamsmith of Belegarth (FOB)

    To gather students together for the purpose of crafting costume clothing (garb), foam props, and other gear for the game of Belegarth.


    Engage in cultural learning and expression through urban dance.


    The Hightones is a sopran/alto acapella group that aims to share music in the community.

    Isang Himig Multi Cultural A Cappella

    Isang Himig is a multicultural A Cappella group housed under Bayanihan focused on protecting and performing various vocal arrangements.

    JK Family Kazoku Kajok

    JK Family Kazoku Kajok aims to create a safe community for people who like American, Korean, and Japanese music to dance together. We are a non-audition based club for dancers of all levels.

    Kadence Keys

    The Kadence Keys is a musical organization comprised of musicians from many backgrounds and majors.


    Kahaani is a competitive Bollywood Dance Team made up of passionate dancers that tell a Kahaani (story) through multiple dance forms.


    Translates to “offering of art.” To promote cultural diversity by creating a space to learn about and practice the Indian Dance of Bharatanatyam.

    Kasama Ballroom Dance Troupe

    The purpose is to provide the UCSC community to participate in a group that focuses on teaching and learning various ballroom dances.

    Kinetic Poetics Project

    Host and facilitate poetry writing workshops, open mics, poetry slam competition and featured poets.

    Mariachi Eterno de UCSC (MEUCSC)

    To provide mariachi music and mexican expressive culture to the larger university population and local community. And to create a safe space for people of color to explore and showcase their talent as a musician.

    Pagkakaisa Dance Troupe (PDT)

    To engage in Pilipino culture through traditional folk dance performances

    Peach Perfect at UCSC

    Offering a stage and communication chance for students who have music dreams.

    People Power

    The purpose is to foster progress, representation, and empowerment through culture and identity by acting.


    Bring people together through a common interest in K-POP and dance. Open to any one who wants to join regardless of experience.

    Sabrosura Latin Dance Troupe

    To spread the Latin American and Caribbean cultures/rituals through the art of dance.

    Sequoia Singers

    Contribute to the music scene at UC Santa Cruz with a focus on having fun in a creative environment.

    Slugs in Fishnets (SIF)

    Slugs in Fishnets is dedicated to providing a space where students can express themselves through performance.

    Student Artists of Color Coalition

    Student Artists of Color Coalition (SACC) is a student organization developed to support and sustain artists of color on the UCSC campus.

    Taza Tal

    To celebrate South Asian Fine Arts and promote diversity through music.

    Traditional East Asian Music & Rockband (TEA&R)

    To promote East Asian traditional music as well as to experiment with new ways to combine music from Western and Eastern music to give people an extraordinary cultural experience.

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  • Political & Advocacy

    Anakbayan Santa Cruz (ABSC)

    To unite the youth and students towards national democracy in the Philippines.

    Beyond Dreams

    Beyond Dreams strives to provide a safe space for undocumented students, mixed status families and immigrant families. we aim to spread awareness and advocate for immigrant rights.

    California Public Interest Research Group (CALPIRG)

    Organize and train students to make social change an issue like college affordability, environmental protection, and civic engagement.

    College Democrats at UCSC

    Educate students about the nature of the United States political system and the Democratic Party platform, register voters, assist in the election of the local, state and national officials.

    College Republicans

    To educate for Republican goals.

    Community Aid and Resources Project (CARe)

    Students helping people experiencing homelessness.

    Humanity First Club

    To spread the word about the policies of 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang.

    Movimiento Estudiantil ChicanX de Aztlan (MEChA)

    A political organization that strives for the betterment and support of the Chicanx/Latinx community on the UCSC campus & surrounding off-campus communities.

    Planned Parenthood: Generation Action (PPGA)

    The purpose of this organization is to advocate for reproductive rights,educate the public about safe sexual practices, and fight for reproductive justice.

    Platypus Affiliated Society (PAS)

    To promote the discussion of leftist politics on campus.

    Prison Abolition Coalition (PAC)

    To consciousness raise organize ways to dismantle the prison industrial complex.

    Slugs for Israel

    Slugs for Israel provides a safe space for varied perspectives on Isreali culture and politics.


    Slugs4scow is dedicated to discussing and spreading progressive ideas.

    Students Against Sexual Assault (SASA

    SASA is dedicated to the elimination of sexual assault and sexual harassment on the UCSC campus and surrounding communities.

    Students for Sensible Drug Policy at UCSC (SSDP)

    We focus on education, harm reduction, and political activism to end the harms of the war on drugs.

    The Snail Movement

    We advocate for the unhoused students at UCSC.

    Young Americans for Liberty at UCSC

    Our mission is to identify, educate, and train youth to spread the fundamental principles of liberty, casting the leaders of tomorrow, and reclaim our government.

    Young Democratic Socialists of America at UCSC

    (YDSA at UCSC)

    YDSA is a coalition of leftist students pursuing mass progressive reforms through committed civil action and activism.

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  • Professional

    180 Degrees Consulting @ UCSC (180dc)

    To provide UCSC students with a socially impactful way of entering the management consulting world.

    Accounting Association

    Professional development for prospective accounting students.

    American Medical Student Association

    Provide guidance and support system for pre-med students on UCSC campus.

    Aspiring Physician Assistant Association (APAA)

    To educate students on the Physician Assistant Career (pre requisites, health care opportunities).

    Gesher Group (GG)

    Gesher Group is a student-run business consulting group aiming to bridge the gap between the classroom and the workplace.

    Mock Trial at UCSC

    Teach the legal process and compete within the framework of AMTA.

    National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)

    NSBE’s mission is to increase the number of culturally responsible Black engineers and scientists who excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively impact the community.

    Pre-Dental Society at UCSC

    We are focused on providing our members with the resources necessary to become competitive dental school applicants.

    Pre-Law Society at UCSC

    To provide legal resources to students interested in a legal career.

    Pre-SOMA BAM

    Promote and inform the public and UCSC campus about osteopathic medical education, increase the number of applicants to DO schools, and prepare members for entrance.

    Salesforce Student User Group

    To promote a community between business and technical skills

    Santa Cruz Linux User Group (SlugLug)

    We discuss, learn and hold events about linux, unix and open-source software.

    Slugs Fund Investment Group (SFIG)

    To teach students interested in finance and economics about investing.

    Student Creativity & Entrepreneurial Empowerment (SCEE)

    Our vision is to build a community of student innovators, entrepreneurs, and mentors in SC county. Provide opportunity to idealize, fund, and scale ventures through various events and network.

    Tomorrow’s Medical Community (TMC)

    TMC seeks to educate, guide, and prepare pre-health students through the UCSC pre-health journey through mentorship and community.

    Women in Science Society (WSS)

    Establishing an environment of motivation & mutual support among collegiate women pursuing their undergraduate degree in the sciences by providing networking, service and leadership opportunities for our members.

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  • Religious & Spiritual

    Christians on Campus at UCSC

    Have weekly bible studies and pursue the truth, fellowship and life lessons.

    Klesis Christian Fellowship (Klesis)

    To build a community of believers based on the Acts 2 church. To host bible studies and answer questions people may have about God!

    Muslim Student Association (MSA)

    To connect diverse backgrounds on Muslims, provide support, community, and expose people to true meaning of Islam.

    Newman Catholics at UCSC

    Provide a place for catholics to socialize and discuss catholicism with christians and those interested in christianity and catholicism.

    Sikh Student Association (SSA)

    The purpose of SSA is to teach people about the fundamentals of the Sikh faith while also providing a place for Sikh people to come together.

    Vintage Faith

    To create a community in which both Christians and non-Christians can explore their faith, build friendships, and learn about Jesus.

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  • Service

    American Red Cross Association (ARCA)

    To further the efforts of the American Red Cross by providing members with emergency and disaster prep classes, community service events and opportunities to participate in health care service projects.

    Be the Match on Campus (BTMOC)

    We are a group of students working with the Be the Match foundation to support the lifesaving mission of the national bone marrow donor program that ensures that blood cancer patients get the lifesaving stem cell transplant they need.

    Bhagat Puran Singh Health Initiative (BPSHI)

    Our club strives to host workshops and meetings within our club where we bring in health care representatives as speakers that are from the Sikh community, which is an underrepresented community in the health spectrum , and these health care individuals  talk about the struggles and the paths they took to succeed within healthcare!

    Circle K International (CKI)

    Volunteering and community service based club to work together and give back to the community.

    Colleges Against Cancer (CAC)

    Raise funds for cancer charities and host relay for life.


    Using entrepreneurship to guide social and community good.

    Food Recovery Network

    The Food Recovery Network is a nationwide organization that strived to recover food that would otherwise be thrown away from the university campus and redistribute it to nonprofit organizations to support those facing hunger insecurity.

    Love4Life Association

    Love4Life Association is a peer to peer bullying and suicide prevention organization; we are promoting love, loving yourself, loving others and standing up for each other.


    Our purpose is to build a campus wide movement empowering the poor in their fight for equal access to healthcare, education and a safe home.

    Operation Smile

    We would like to create awareness about children in developing countries born with cleft lip & palates and raise money to fund their surgeries and medical costs.

    Rotaract Club of Santa Cruz County

    We are a service-based club that is dedicated to empowering our community and world through service above self.

    Students for Haiti Solidarity at UCSC (SHS)

    The purpose of this organization is to empower Haitian students through the provision of college scholarships and to encourage students to utilize their role as global citizens.

    Volunteers Around the World: Medical Outreach Program at UCSC (VAW)

    To provide opportunities to students to learn about global health and healthcare systems of other countries and get immersed in a different culture.

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