SOMeCA Values

SOMeCA Summit on April 27, 2019

At SOMeCA, we empower students to grow learning environments and positive change in our campus.

These values are a shared set of how we innovate, inspire, and engage. Whether you are a student leader in your org or a contributing member, these values are at the heart of your experiences here in SOMeCA.

Our Approach

The following values were selected through surveys and discussions amongst students, staff, and alumni. Each value then served as the focus of a workshop at the annual SOMeCA Summit on April 27, 2019.

We always aspire for students to foster and feel:

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Being responsible for one’s impacts and responsive to feedback

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To actively inquire, include, and learn from others

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To interact with the world fully and actively

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Doing the right thing at all times regardless of how you might be affected

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To suffer with others and act with understanding and without separation

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Being aware and present to what is happening without filters of distraction, prejudice, or other social norms