2021-2022 Registered Student Organizations

To get in touch with an organization, email soar@ucsc.edu to ask for the contact information for the organization. SOMeCA can only provide contact information for organizations that are currently registered. This list is updated weekly.




    American Medical Student Association (AMSA) AMSA is a student-led, national association that exists to cultivate, inspire, and inform medical students.

    Email: saamirki@ucsc.edu

    Instagram: @amsaucsc

    Association for Computing Machinery-Women (ACM-W) We are a stem club on campus dedicated to helping both women and non-binary genders develop both technical and social skills.

    Email: acmw.ucsc@gmail.com 

    Instagram: @acmw.ucsc

    Website: https://linktr.ee/acmw_ucsc 

    Cognitive Science Student Association (CSSA) Our organization is created for students seeking academic guidance and community within the interdisciplinary major of Cognitive Science.
    Developer Student Club at UCSC  (DSC) A Google affiliated club that hosts workshops and projects that teach the latest Google technology.
    Instagram: @dscucsc
    Game Design & Art Collaboration GDA focuses on providing real game development experience while
    building a community interested in video games!

    Email: gdacollab@ucsc.edu 

    Integrated Anthropology Association (IAA) The IAA introduces students to the subdisciplines within Anthropology to express the diversity within the discipline.

    Email: iaasantacruz@gmail.com 

    Instagram: @iaasantacruz

    Website: https://linktr.ee/iaasantacruz

    Kuya-Ate Mentorship Program (KAMP) KAMP is a student initiated and student led retention program that targets, but not exclusive to, the PilipinX community.

    Email: kamp.ucsc@gmail.com

    Instagram: @kamp.ucsc

    Website: https://linktr.ee/kamp.ucsc 

    Mock Trial at UC Santa Cruz Mock Trial is a student run organization that focusses on teaching public
    speaking, case law and improv to students interested in law.

    Email: trjlarso@ucsc.edu 

    Model United Nations (SlugMUN) To provide those interested in international affairs, politics, public speaking, and competition with a platform to hone said interests and skills.

    Email: slugmun.ucsc@gmail.com 
    Instagram: @ucscslugmun

    Morning Sign Out Striving to bridge the gap between the science community and general
    public through easily comprehendible scientific articles!

    Email: vpham10@ucsc.edu 

    National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) The National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) is an organization dedicated to promoting excellence, support, and professional development

    Instagram: @nsbe.ucsc

    Website: https://linktr.ee/eventsComingUpUCSC 

    NeuroTechSC We seek to encourage student engagement in the field of neurotechnology
    by collaborating on cutting-edge projects.

    Email: neurotechsc@gmail.com 

    Philosophical Slug Society An intellectual social club where students come together to commence in philosophical discourse, to have fun and develop their intellectual prowess.

    Email: philosophicalslugs@gmail.com 

    Instagram: @philosophicalslugs_ucsc

    Website: https://linktr.ee/philosophicalslugs_ucsc 

    Psi Chi International Honor Society in Psychology Psi Chi is an honor society in Psychology open to students pursuing Psychology and/or Cognitive Science who would liek to connect with others, learn more about research opportunities and graduate school, and get involved early on in their major.

    Email: psichiucsc@gmail.com 

    Instagram: @psichiucsc

    Website: https://linktr.ee/psichiucsc 

    Slug Book Club The Slug Book Club is an undergraduate student-run organization bringing the reading community at UCSC together for thoughtful, literary discussion.

    Instagram: @slugbookclub

    SlugCP The purpose of our club is to help members hone their programming skills so that they can perform well in future coding interviews, as well as competitions.

    Email: nhtrnguy@ucsc.edu 

    Software Application Development Club (SADC) SADC focuses on providing students with real-world software development experience through engaging student-led projects and activities.

    Email: dcarrer1@ucsc.edu 

    START (Students Transforming and Advancing Research Together) At its core, START (Students Transforming and Advancing Research Together) is all about supporting and encouraging student involvement in research.

    Email: start@ucsc.edu 

    Instagram: @start.ucsc

    Website: https://linktr.ee/start.ucsc 

    Tomorrow's Medical Community (TMC) The purpose of TMC is to educate, guide, and prepare pre-medical
    students through the UCSC pre-med journey.

    Email: ksmurthy@ucsc.edu

    Instagram: @ucsctmc

    Women in Science Society (WSS) Our organization is part of a national nonprofit that works to promote, educate, and motivate undergraduate women pursuing a degree in STEM!

    Email: wss.ucsc@gmail.com

    Instagram: @wss.ucsc

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  • Cultural & Identity

    Armenian Students' Association (ASA) We are an organization dedicated to bringing together students of Armenian heritage and upholding our connections to our culture together.

    Email: santacruzasa@gmail.com 

    Instagram: @ucscasa

    Asian/Pacific Islander Student Alliance (APISA) The Asian Pacific Islander Student Alliance (APISA) emphasizes unity and empowerment through celebrating the diverse cultures and customs.

    Email: tkanoho@ucsc.edu 

    Instagram: @apisa.slugs

    Bayanihan Bayanihan is a community that promotes a greater understanding and appreciation of the Pilipino and Pilipino-American culture and experience


    Instagram: @bayanihan.ucsc

    Website: https://linktr.ee/bayanihan.ucsc 

    Black Student Union (BSU) BSU works to mobilize Black students on campus and provide the Black community with a safe, educational, and healing space.

    Email: bsu.slugs@gmail.com 

    Instagram: @ucscbsu

    Website: https://linktr.ee/UCSC_BSU 

    Chicanx y Latinx Educandose (ChALE) We are a student-run retention program through providing resources,
    programming, and community building.

    Email: e2.chale@gmail.com

    Instagram: @e2.chale

    Website: https://linktr.ee/ChALE.e2 

    Chinese Student Association (CSA) CSA is a student organization and resource devoted to promoting unity and empowerment among students of the University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC) through education, consciousness and recognition of Chinese, and Chinese American cultural aspects. We strive to strengthen the diverse UCSC community by organizing events that create a space for student voices and coalition building.

    Email: csaofucsc@gmail.com

    Instagram: @csa_ucsc

    Website: https://linktr.ee/csawelcome 

    Chinese Students & Scholar Association (CSSA) CSSA is dedicated to fostering friendships, promoting the interests, and
    awareness of chinese culture in the UCSC community.

    Email: zpan24@ucsc.edu 

    CentroAmericanos Unidos (CAU) CentroAmericanos Unidos is a diverse group of students aiming to create comunidad within the Central American and Latinx community.

    Email: ucsc.cau@gmail.com

    Instagram: @cau_ucsc

    Website: https://linktr.ee/ucsc_cau 

    Community Unified Student Network (CUSN) CUSN, pronounced “cousin,” is a peer program dedicated, to the Asian-American/ Pacific Islander (AA/PI) community at UCSC.

    Email: cusnretentionucsc@gmail.com 

    Instagram: @cusn.ucsc

    Website: https://linktr.ee/cusn.ucsc 

    Grupo Folklorico Los Mejicas Los Mejicas is dedicated to provide a safe retention space for all its members, while learning Mexican Folk dances and their culture.

    Email: Losmejicas@gmail.com

    Instagram: @losmejicas

    Hermanas Unidas (HaU) Hermanas Unidas aims to provide a safe space for our Latinx community
    by promoting Hermandad and maintaining our three pillars.

    Email: ucschau.cochairs@gmail.com or zmartin2@ucsc.edu

    Instagram: @haudeucsc

    Indian Student Association (ISA) The Indian Student Association at UCSC is working towards strengthening the bond between Indo-Americans and other communities on campus by sharing the rich cultural heritage of India with fellow students.

    Email: ucsc.isa@gmail.com

    Instagram: @ucsc_isa

    Website: https://linktr.ee/ucscisa 

    Isang Himig Isang Himig is the a capella group at UCSC housed under Bayanihan.

    Email: slaguda@ucsc.edu 

    Japanese Student Association (JSA) JSA is an organization that provides connections and community for any UCSC student that is part of or interested in Japanese culture.


    Instagram: @ucsc_jsa

    Website: https://linktr.ee/ucsc_jsa 

    Jewish Student Union The purpose of the organization is to provide a place for Jewish students on Campus.

    Instagram: @jewish_student_union.ucsc

    Korean American Student Association (KASA) The Korean American Student Association at UCSC strives to educate the community about Korean culture by holding cultural shows...

    Email: ucsckasa@gmail.com


    Mixed Ethnic and Cultural Student Association (MECSA) The Mixed Ethnic/Cultural Student Association aims to create space, empowerment, and visibility for students of mixed heritage.

    Email: ucscmecsa0@gmail.com 

    Instagram: @ucsc_mecsa

    Website: https://linktr.ee/Ucsc_mecsa 

    Russian Student Association (RSA) The Russian Student Association will highlight history, language, culture, traditions, and the spirit of Russia and the former Soviet Union. RSA will be open to all students of Russian descent or interested in learning about Russian culture.

    Email: astrazhn@ucsc.edu 

    Instagram: @ucscrsa

    Sikh Student Association (SSA) SSA is an organization that strives to teach Sikhs and Non-Sikhs the ideals
    of Sikhism, which include volunteering, equality, and community.

    Email: sikhstudenta@gmail.com 

    Instagram: @ucsc_ssa

    Taiwanese Student Association (TSA) TSA is an organization that works to build a fun, positive, welcoming community that celebrates Taiwanese cultures.

    Instagram: @ucsc_tsa

    Taza Tal UCSC's award winning competitive fusion A Capella team!

    Email: ucsctazatal@gmail.com

    Instagram: @officialtazatal

    Website: linktr.ee/tazatal

    UMOJA UMOJA is a student-led retention program that advocates for the unity and recognition of the African, Black, and Caribbean students on campus

    Email: umoja.santacruz@gmail.com

    Instagram: @umoja.ucsc

    Website: https://linktr.ee/umojaucsc 

    Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) VSA aims to unite Vietnamese-Americans at UCSC and anyone else who's interested in Vietnamese culture.

    Email: ucsc.vsa@gmail.com

    Instagram: @ucsc.vsa

    Website: https://linktr.ee/ucscvsa 

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  • Environmental & Sustainability

    CALPIRG Students CALPIRG Students is an organization that works to get undergraduate
    students involved in politics to create social change.

    Email: hcohn@calpirgstudents.org

    Instagram: @calpirgucsc

    Website: https://calpirgstudents.org/volunteer-on-campus/ 

    Education for Sustainable Living Program (ESLP) The Education for Sustainable Living Program (ESLP) is a collaborative space, focused on reshaping the way we learn within academia, embracing student agency, and providing opportunities to engage in issues of social and environmental justice.

    Email: eslp@ucsc.edu 

    Instagram: @enviroslug

    Website: https://www.eslp-enviroslug.org/ 

    Marine Science Club (MSC) The Marine Science Club is a resource for students who share a passion for the ocean and want to learn or pursue a career in marine sciences!

    Instagram: @msc.ucsc

    Student Environmental Center (SEC) SEC is a student-run, student-led organization empowering and educating others for a just and a sustainable campus.

    Email: sec-group@ucsc.edu 

    Instagram: @studentenviromentalcenter

    Website: https://sec-enviroslug.squarespace.com/ 


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  • General Interest

    Santa Cruz Fighting Game Community We like to play fighting games and host very fun events. Come find them
    on and off campus!

    Email: santacruzfgc@gmail.com 

    Slug Gaming Our goal is to bring together students who play all kinds of games and build a student community that supports both casual & competitive play.

    Email: ekwang@ucsc.edu 

    Instagram: @sluggamingucsc

    Website: https://www.twitch.tv/uofcesports 

    Slug Sci-Fi Club We enjoy watching and discussing Science Fiction. We typically watch movies when we meet up.

    Email: gealozan@ucsc.edu 

    Student-Parent Organization An organization for both undergraduate and graduate students who are parents or guardians. We offer a space for support and information.

    Email: ucscspo@gmail.com

    Instagram: @ucsc_spo


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  • Greek Letter

    Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPi) The mission of Alpha Epsilon Pi is to provide education, resources and training to the future leaders of the world's Jewish communities.
    Alpha Kappa Delta Phi (aKDPhi) Our purpose is to promote sisterhood, scholarship, service, sisterhood, and Asian-Awareness in the University and the community.
    Instagram: @ucsc_akdphi
    Alpha Kappa Psi (AKPsi) Alpha Kappa Psi is a Professional Co-ed Business Fraternity founded in 1904 with the purpose of developing its members into principled business.

    Email: ucsc.akpsi@gmail.com

    Instagram: @ucscakpsi

    Website: https://linktr.ee/ucscakpsi

    Alpha Phi Omega (APhiO) To prepare campus and community leaders through service. 

    Email: AGN.apo.pres@gmail.com  

    Alpha Psi Sorority (AY) The purpose of this organization will be to establish and maintain a sisterhood of women encouraging personal and social development while striving for academic and intellectual excellence. 

    Email: alphapsi1988@gmail.com 

    College Panhellenic Panhellenic is the umbrella term for the three sororities on campus: Gamma Phi Beta, Kappa Kappa Gamma, and Kappa Alpha Theta.

    Email: collegepanhellenic@gmail.com 

    Instagram: @ucscpanhellenic
    Delta Sigma Pi (DSP) Delta Sigma Pi is UCSC’s oldest and largest co-ed business fraternity; we value professionalism, brotherhood, and community service.

    Email: ucsc.dsp@gmail.com

    Instagram: @ucscdsp

    Website: https://linktr.ee/ucscdsp 

    Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Delta Sigma Theta Incorporated is an organization of college women committed to the constructive development of its members and to public service.

    Email: pipsidst@gmail.com 

    Instagram: @pipsi_dst

    Gamma Phi Beta (GPhi) Gamma Phi Beta is the oldest panhellenic sorority at UC Santa Cruz. Our mission is to inspire the highest type of womanhood.
    Kappa Alpha Theta (KAT) Social organization to promote sisterhood, philanthropy, and scholarship. The first Greek-letter fraternity for women.

    Email: krrosen@ucsc.edu

    Instagram: @ucsctheta

    Kappa Gamma Delta (KGD) KGD is a pre-health sisterhood dedicated to helping women develop professionally and to provide academic, social and emotional support.
    Kappa Kappa Gamma (KKG) A sorority that focuses on forming relationships within our chapter, with our community, and philanthropies.

    Email: ogaripay@ucsc.edu 

    Instagram: @ucsckkg

    Kappa Zeta (KZ) Kappa Zeta is a locally founded multi cultural sorority, established on the UC Santa Cruz campus on October 3, 2003. Email: nperez8@ucsc.edu 
    Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity (PAD) Phi Alpha Delta is a community of UCSC students who are interested in pursuing a legal or legal-adjacent career.
    Instagram: @ucscpad
    Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity, Inc. Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity, Inc. is a Latino based social fraternity. We believe in the ideals of: fairness, opportunity, and equality.
    Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority Inc. Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority Inc. is an organization that provides lifelong empowerment and sisterhood to our members.
    Sigma Mu Delta (SMD) The mission of Sigma Mu Delta is to unify premedical students in a brotherhood dedicated to academic excellence.
    Instagram: @ucsc.smd
    Sigma Omicron Pi (SOPi) We are a sorority with the objective of furthering the awareness of women in Asian culture through unity, friendship, leadership, and service.
    Sigma Phi Zeta Fraternity Multicultural social fraternity.

    Email: cjcota@ucsc.edu 


    Sigma Pi*

    *Currently under interim suspension by the UC Santa Cruz"

    Social Fraternity striving for excellence through the ideals of brotherhood,
    aristocracy, morality, chivalry and righteousness.

    Email: noasulli@ucsc.edu  

    Sigma Pi Alpha Sorority Inc. A Chicana/Latina-based sorority that strives to empower women from all culture. Our sisterhood provides a safe space, a home away from home.

    Email: naafigue@ucsc.edu 

    Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) All male fraternity with the goal of aiding young men in maturing into social and professional adults that can make a lasting mark on the world.

    Email: pmallen@ucsc.edu 

    Theta Pi Sigma Theta Pi Sigma is a queer, all-gender Greek organization.

    Email: thetapisigma@gmail.com 

    Instagram: @thetapisigma

    Website: http://www.thetapisigma.org/ 

    Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. The ladies of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Gamma Phi chapter represents the finest historically Black greek organization in the divine.

    Email: santacruzzetas@gmail.com 

    Instagram: @santacruzzetas

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  • Media-Broadcast


    Film Production Coalition The Film Production Coalition (FPC) is an organization dedicated to
    collaboratively making short films every quarter
    On the Spot We are a comedy sketch organization that produces short comedic films
    each quarter and educates students in film production.
    Instagram: @onthespot_ucsc
    Student Cable Television (SCTV) Student Cable Television is an organization and council comprised of representatives from broadcast orgs.
    Instagram: @sctv_media


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  • Media-Print


    Alay Alay is an original student publication comprised of written and visual art submitted by the Bayanihan community to promote student expression.

    Email: alay.ucsc@gmail.com 

    Instagram: @alay.ucsc

    Chinquapin Literary Magazine Chinquapin Literary Magazine is UCSC’s longest running literary magazine that has annually published original student artwork since 1979
    City on a Hill Press (CHP) City on a Hill Press is the student-run newspaper of record at UC Santa Cruz.
    EyeCandy Film Journal EyeCandy is a student-led org that annually publishes a magazine of
    media analysis.
    Fish Rap Live! Comedy Newspaper featuring satirical articles, comics, quizzes, and more
    Instagram: @fishraplive
    Fruitcake Magazine Fruitcake Magazine is a student-run visual art magazine dedicated to showcasing student art of all skill levels.
    Instagram: @fruitcakesc
    Kalopsia Kalopsia is an undergraduate philosophy journal based in the University of California, Santa Cruz
    Red Wheelbarrow Anthology We are a literary anthology that specifically publishes UCSC students' art, poetry, and prose in a book that we distribute for free every Spring Quarter.
    Scientific Slug (SciSlug) A student run art & science magazine, includes an annual podcast as well.
    Instagram: @scislug
    Shutterslug Photography To build an inclusive and supportive
    community of photographers that promotes art and education.


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  • Performing & Visual Arts


    Acquire  A Capella We are Santa Cruz's most innovative a cappella group! Through a fusion of jazz, pop, and everything else, we bring great music to Santa Cruz!

    Email: info@acquiremusic.org 

    Instagram: @acquireacapella

    Website: https://linktr.ee/acquire_music 

    African American Theater Arts Troupe (AATAT) We are a student led theater arts troupe for Black and African American students.

    Email: cadrc@ucsc.edu

    Instagram: @cadrc_ucsc

    Website: https://www.cadrc.org/

    Cloud 9 A Cappella Cloud 9 is UCSC’s original and longest running a cappella group. We travel up and down the west coast to share music and have fun doing it!

    Email: cloud9ucsc@gmail.com 

    Instagram: @cloud9acapella

    Haluan Hip-Hop Dance Troupe UCSC's hip hop dance team and an aspect of Bayanihan.

    Email: arajan2@ucsc.edu

    The Hightones All soprano and alto a capella group

    Email: ucschightones@gmail.com 

    Instagram: @thehightones

    Website: ucschightones.org

    Kahaani We are the premier co-ed competitive Hindi-Film Bollywood Dance Team
    for the University of California, Santa Cruz.

    Email: ucsckahaani@gmail.com 

    POPreKa UCSC's finest Korean Pop Dance Cover Team

    Email: poprekadance@gmail.com 

    Instagram: @poprekaucsc

    Website: https://popreka.club/ 

    Rainbow Theater Rainbow Theater was established to give BIPOC students a space to act or direct shows, creating stories that showcase and explore their cultures.

    Email: cadrc@ucsc.edu

    Instagram: @cadrc_ucsc

    Website: https://www.cadrc.org/

    Sabrosura Latin Dance Troupe To spread the Latin American and Caribbean cultures and rituals through
    the art of dance.

    Email: sabrosuraldt@gmail.com 

    Instgram: @sabrosuraldt

    Salsita Dance Group To provide and cultivate an open space that enables student retention
    through the appreciation del baile cultural Latinoamericano (of Latin America).

    Email: ucscsalsita@gmail.com 

    Instagram: @ucsc_salsita

    Sequoia Singers Acapella UCSC's latest and greatest acapella group! Bringing harmony and joy to
    the masses.

    Email: sequoiasingers@gmail.com

    Instagram: @sequoiasingers

    Traditional East Asian & Rock Band Combining Traditional East Asian & Rock/Pop music to promote East Asian music and culture at UCSC.

    Email: nujiang@ucsc.edu 

    Instagram: @tear_band_official


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  • Political & Advocacy


    Anakbayan Santa Cruz Anakbayan Santa Cruz is an overseas chapter of Anakbayan, a youth and student organization fighting for National Democracy in the Philippines.

    Email: anakbayansc@gmail.com 

    Instagram: @anakbayansc

    BridgeSantaCruz BridgeSantaCruz brings students of different ideologies, perspectives, and
    backgrounds together to talk about the current issues of our time.

    Email: bridgesantacruz@gmail.com

    Instagram: @bridgeucsc

    College Democrats at UCSC The official campus organization affiliation with the County and State Democratic Parties.

    Email: eestra13@ucsc.edu 

    Instagram: @ucsccollegedems

    Website: https://linktr.ee/ucscdems 

    College Republicans at UC Santa Cruz The purpose of the College Republicans at UC Santa Cruz, shall be to represent all Republican and conservative students attending the University of California, Santa Cruz; to foster the expression of Republican and conservative values and principles on the UC Santa Cruz campus by providing a political outlet for students to come together and voice their opinions; to educate students about the Republican Party; to support local, state, and national campaigns that align with our values in any way we can; to participate in or facilitate various events that support our cause; and to promote a commitment to community service. To do this, the College Republicans at UC Santa Cruz will hold meetings, and provide for outreach, social events, voter registration, debates, and all other functions supporting these causes.

    Email: ucsantacruzcollegerepublicans@gmail.com 

    Planned Parenthood: Generation Action Planned Parenthood: Generation action UCSC Chapter aims to educate

    Email: salwis@ucsc.edu

    Instagram: @plannedparenthooducsc

    Students for Justice in Palestine at UCSC To educate, advocate for, and organize in support of Palestinian liberation.

    Email: ucscsjp@gmail.com

    Instagram: @ucscsjp

    Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) We support advocacy for evidence based drug policy and harm reduction services.

    Email: ucsc@chapters.ssdp.org

    Instagram: @ucsantacruzssdp

    The Student Housing Coalition We are a student-led organization dedicated to advocacy surrounding the housing crisis in the Santa Cruz region. We value intersectionality, sustainability, and acccess to opportunity, with the overall goal of guaranteeing housing as a human right.

    Email: thestudenthousingcoalition@gmail.com 

    Instagram: @ucschousingcoalition

    Website: https://sites.google.com/view/the-student-housing-coalition/ 

    Vivat Iustitia (Long Live Lady Justice, 3LJ) Vivat Iustitia (Long Live Lady Justice , 3LJ), is an advocacy organization focussed on bringing a diverse cohort of students together in the work of strengthening our democracy. Members participate in Democracy Projects which promote inclusion, equity, and empowerment. Five projects are chosen each term; project leads are elected and campaign on the merits of their project. Members undergo leadership development training, hear from guest speakers in the advocacy and leadership space, frequent the halls of government, and host various club events. Fiat justicia ruat caelum! 

    Email: 3lj.ucsc@gmail.com 

    Website: https://vivatiustitia.weebly.com/  


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  • Professional

    180 Degrees Consulting We provide high-quality consulting services to social impact organizations so they can improve and expand their services.
    Instagram: @ucsc180dc
    Accounting Association We are devoted to provide resources needed to strengthen skills, network,
    and connect college experience to CPAs and accounting career.
    Instagram: @ucscaccounting
    Aspiring Nursing Students Association (ANSA) ANSA aims to empower aspiring nurses in their academic, personal, and professional goals by providing mentorship and educational resources.
    Instagram: @ansaucsc
    Aspiring Physician Assistant Association (APAA) Committed to educating Pre-PA students about their future health profession by organizing activities and providing mentorship support.
    Instagram: @ucsc_apaa
    Bay Area Medicine (BAM) f.k.a. Pre-SOMA We are a pre-medical organization dedicated to increasing awareness
    about and involvement in prominent Bay Area medical issues.
    Instagram: @ucsc.bam
    Gesher Group Consulting Pro Bono Business Consulting
    Pre-Dental Society at UCSC The goal of the Predental society at ucsc is to expose undergrad students to the field of dentistry through manual dexterity and workshops. Email: tchu10@ucsc.edu 
    Slugs Fund Investment Group (SFIG) Student run finance org with a focus in developing in depth equity reports, as well as educating students on smart contracts and DeFi.
    Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE) SASE is a professional development organization that is dedicated to helping its members achieve their full career potential in the STEM field.
    Instagram: @ucscsase

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  • Religious & Spiritual

    Christians on Campus Christians on Campus is a community where Christians can come together and encourage each other in our Christian race.
    Instagram: @ucscchristians
    Coptic Club Coptic Club is a student-run organization that provides a community for undergraduate and graduate students within the Orthodox Christian faith tradition.
    Klesis Christian Fellowship (Klesis) We are UCSC campus fellowship that meets weekly to study the bible and build lasting friendships. 
    Muslim Student Association (MSA) Our MSA is dedicated to spreading awareness about the peaceful message of Islam and uniting the UCSC community.
    Instagram: @ucsc.msa
    Newman Catholics at UCSC Support Catholic students with living their faith on campus as well as instroducing Catholicism to the campus community.
    Instagram: @ucscnewman
    Soon Movement Global Our purpose is to fulfull the Great Commission through disicpleship by winning students to Christ, building them up in faith, and sending them out to win build and send others.
    Instagram: @ucscsoon

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  • Service


    American Red Cross Association (ARCA) ARCA is a non-profit organization at UCSC that fundraises for natural disaster relief and provides Red Cross volunteer opportunities.

    Email: ucscredcross@gmail.com

    Instagram: @ucsc_redcross

    Circle K International (CKI) Circle K International (CKI) is the premier collegiate community service,leadership development, and friendship organization in the world!

    Email: angayu@ucsc.edu 

    Colleges Against Cancer at UCSC (CAC) Colleges Against Cancer plans community events to spread cancer awareness and fundraise money for non-profit cancer organizations.


    Community Aid and Resources (CARe) Community Aid and Resources is a student-run organization at UCSC dedicated to helping those experiencing homelessness in our community.


    Emergency Medical Slugs Club for students who love the medical field and the practically applying it to jobs, especially the EMT field.

    Email: kprentis@ucsc.edu 

    Instagram: @emslugs_ucsc

    Love 4 Life Our purpose is to create a supportive environment for students to seek resources related to mental health, bullying, and suicide prevention.

    Email: gyalvara@ucsc.edu 

    Instagram: @love4life.ucsc

    Website: https://www.love4lifeassociation.org/ 

    MEDLIFE at UCSC MEDLIFE is a non-profit organization that partners with low-income communities in Latin America and Africa to improve their access to medicine.

    Email: medlifeucsc@gmail.com

    Instagram: @medlifeucsc

    National Alzheimer's Buddies Seeks to build friendships between college students and Alzheimer's residents to help alleviate the significant challenges of the disease.

    Email: ucsc@alzbuddies.org 

    Operation Smile We raise awareness about children born with cleft lip/palate and help those born in developing countries get the quality care they deserve!

    Email: scpandit@ucsc.edu 

    Rotaract Club of Santa Cruz County We strive to promote the concept of service before self through volunteerism, service projects, and professional development programs!

    Email: rotaract.santacruz@gmail.com 

    Instagram: @rotaract.santacruz

    Website: https://linktr.ee/SCRotaract 

    Volunteers Around the World Global Health Organization that provides communities with improved access to medical care while working with professionals.

    Email: vawucsc@gmail.com 

    Instagram: @vawucsc


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  • Dismissed Organizations

    Lambda Phi Epsilon Fraternity Dismissed by UC Santa Cruz in 2018 as a result of risk management violations. 
    Pi Alpha Phi Fraternity Dismissed by UC Santa Cruz in 2021 as a result of risk management violations including hazing.
    Psi Chi Omega Fraternity Dismissed by UC Santa Cruz in 2005 as a result of risk managment violations including hazing.
    Ski & Snowboard Club Dismissed by UC Santa Cruz as a result of risk management violations. 
    Theta Chi Fraternity Dismissed by UC Santa Cruz in 2019 as a result of risk management violations and failure to comply with University sanctions including hazing.

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