Event Proposal Forms

The events of registered student organizations must have a campus unit (office) serve as the official event sponsor. SOMeCA serves as the sponsor for organizations registered with SOMeCA. You must meet with your Advisor to have your event approved.

Please note:

  1. Your organization must complete registration prior to accessing Event Proposals or hosting events.
  2. It is required to keep an attendance log for each of your meetings and events. An easy-to-use sample log may be found here. If you have another format, please remember that logs must include:

    • Name of the event, date, location
    • Name and email address for each individual in attendance.
    • Cell number is optional but helpful.

    Keeping a log helps the campus notify students of COVID-19 exposures so they can take steps to protect their health. Note: names of individuals with positive COVID-19 results are kept strictly confidential.

  3. Path C SOAR organizations may drop in to see a Peer Advisor through Zoom.
  4. Path A or B & SOMeCA Organizations:


Event Proposals:

Please see the timeline and options to reassign a signer. 

Event Proposal: Venue (Fillable)

  • These event proposal forms are for events or meetings that will be held in venues located within the UCSC campus colleges or units (eg. Baytree Conference Rooms, Redwood Lounge)
  • Small-Scale
    • Recommended Deadline: 10 business days before
    • Official Deadline: 5 business days before
  • Mid-Scale
    • Recommended Deadline: 3 weeks before
    • Official Deadline: 2 weeks before
  • Large Scale
    • Recommended Deadline: 6 weeks before
    • Official Deadline: Up to 6 weeks before
  • Why?: Each venue and event requirement may differ due to insurance requirements, capacity, meal and entertainment cost, financial processing, etc. All venues are managed by a facility coordinator and have their own deadlines for venue reservation.
  • Reminders: Discuss with your SOMeCA advisor early on when planning in-person events. 

Event Proposal: Classroom (Fillable)

  • This event proposal is for events or meetings that will be held in classroom spaces only.
  • Recommended Deadline: 10 business days before
  • Official Deadline: 5 business days before
  • Why?: The classroom specialist team manages all classroom reservations for the campus. Additionally, they need enough time to ensure that our Custodial Staff is aware of events/meetings happening in the spaces. 
  • Reminders:
    • No food and/or drinks allowed in classroom spaces.
  • Fall Quarter 2022

    Classroom reservations are unavailable the first three weeks of the quarter due to class re-assignment and scheduling.

    For Week 4 - 10 reservations, please submit an event proposal 5 business days before the scheduled event (10 business days is recommended).