Fund Your Project

What to Expect

When it comes to expanding your organization's budget for an event, project, or as a whole, there are various funding bodies on campus with different applications and prerequisites. This may either be in the form of a brief application or supplemental paperwork with possibly an additional presentation to the board members of the funding body from one representative. 

The presentation may include giving a pitch on why your organization would like to go forth with an event needing X amount of money. Keep in mind, not all funding bodies expect an oral presentation so be prepared!

Committee on Ethnic Programming (CEP)

The Committee on Ethnic Programming: Undergraduate students (individuals or registered student organizations) may apply for funding of projects that support ethnic diversity on campus by enhancing the retention and advancement of historically excluded populations who are currently underrepresented as defined by the UC Office of the President (African Americans, Chicanos, Latinos, American Indians, Filipinos and Asian/Pacific Islanders).

Max Cost Sheet

Core Council

**This year, Core Council funds will be available directly through government bodies. Please contact the college government (or respective College Program Coordinator) that you would like to apply and ask for information on their processes. Core Council will be back next year. Thank you.**

Student organizations registered with SOAR (Student Organization Advising and Resources), OPERS (Office of Physical Education, Recreation and Sports) or Student Media may apply for funding to support their student-initiated events, activities, and projects. Core Council funds on-campus activities with consideration to the number of UCSC students who will benefit directly from the activity, among other criteria.


Student Organizations representing undergraduate students may apply for funding for events and activities which support the diversity, retention, academic and/or programmatic goals consistent with the colleges. 

Campus Sustainability Council

The role of the Campus Sustainability Council (CSC) is to provide funding to registered UCSC Student Organizations for programs and events that create, implement, and monitor environmentally sound practices on campus as established through the protocol outlined in the Blueprint for a Sustainable Campus. These organizations additionally facilitate greater collaboration between students, the administration, staff, faculty, and the community.

Alumni Council

The Alumni Council is a volunteer board supporting the UC Santa Cruz Alumni Association. The Alumni Council is piloting a program for students and student organizations who are focused on creating events, projects, and/or activities to support career success initiatives for both students and alumni. Students can apply for funding from July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021.

Division of Student Affairs and Success

Registered Student Organizations (RSO’s), other student groups recognized by the University (SUA, GSA, SFAC, SVC, College Governments, etc.), other student groups or student-initiated events sponsored by Campus Departments.

RSO’s, other student groups recognized by the University, other student groups or student-initiated events sponsored by Campus Departments: funding is administered through a transfer of funds to a university FOAPAL.

The Division of Student Affairs and Success (DSAS) requires that funding requests be made no less than 3 weeks in advance of when funding is needed. While the three-week lead time is internal to DSAS, please be mindful of any other timelines that are internal to your sponsoring organization (for instance SOAR timelines) and the time that you will need to process things like travel, set up contracts for services, etc.

Dean of Students Office

The Dean of Students Office is committed to exploring innovative ways to actively advance our campus mission for diversity, inclusion, educational equity, accessibility, and safety. By providing funding opportunities for student initiatives and student driven programs, they aim to meet our collective campus commitment and responsibility of closing gaps and eliminating barriers.

Proposal submissions by/for BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, Undocu-Accompliship, Accessibility Support, Sexual Violence and Sexual Harrassment awareness/healing, and other DEI supporting programming are highly encouraged to submit.

Student Union Assembly (SUA) 

The Student Union Assembly’s Bylaws permit that we can only fund Registered Student Organizations (RSO) to promote a successful academic and social experience at UC Santa Cruz. You can find the full-length version of our Constitution and Bylaws under the About tab on this website. You can also access some basic information about our funding process here.

College Funding 

For information and deadlines of College funding opportunities visit that College's webpage.