About SOMeCA

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The capacity to lead is gained through practice. In SOMeCA, students engage real world situations and build leadership values and skills that last a lifetime.

SOMeCA works because—30 years ago—it started with honoring the leadership of students. Students, staff, and alumni came together to create a space where students could imagine and build the world they want to live in. Thousands of people contributed. Today, SOMeCA students work in democratic and culturally diverse teams that govern substantial budgets, campaigns, buildings, and university programs and productions. Supported by a dynamic network of staff and alumni, they create positive social change and master the art of balancing power and responsibility.

SOMeCA continues to develop and offer engaging leadership resources, including:

Our Mission

SOAR/Student Media/Cultural Arts and Diversity (SOMeCA) is dedicated to the success of UCSC’s campus-wide student organizations.

Student organizations are transformative learning environments, vital to the educational mission of the university. They offer students opportunities to engage as leaders and to make a difference. They create programs and productions that build community and campus-wide discourse.

SOMeCA’s professional and experienced staff offers leadership training, mentorship, organizational advising, instruction, and project management so students can:

  • Develop educational and professional pathways
  • Connect with successful and dedicated alumni
  • Advance their voice and leadership in university decision-making process
  • Build supportive communities
  • Be empowered to foster diversity and civic engagement
  • Create events and productions that reflect their diverse experiences

SOMeCA services are designed in collaboration with students and colleagues to meet the changing needs of the UCSC student body.