Advisor Agreement

If you register as a Path A or Path B organization, you must schedule an Advisor Agreement. You can schedule this meeting through your respective SOMeCA Office:

  • For SOAR organizations: The Advisor Agreement is a 60-minute meeting with all Authorized Representatives and your SOAR Advisor.
  • For Media: The Advisor Agreement is a 90-minute meeting with all your Authorized Representatives and your Media Advisor.

The Advisor Agreement must be scheduled by October 27th, though the meeting may take place after the date.

What's Next?

After you schedule your Advisor Agreement, please come prepared with the following:

1. Leadership Compass Self-Assessment

All Authorized Representatives should complete the Leadership Compass Exercise. This exercise should take no more than 10 minutes to complete.

Please check all boxes that correlate to your leadership style most of the time. Then, return to count all the boxes checked for each direction. Continue on to read the worksheet that provides more information on the direction you scored the highest in.

Select on your respective compass direction: North - East - South - West