Student Union Governance Board

Student Union Governance Board via Zoom

“Students serving on the SUGB are making decisions based not on our own interests, but in those of the student body. We take our time thoroughly deliberating what we are working on before we consider making decisions...” 

-Clarissa Molina, SUGB Board Chair

The Student Union Governance Board (SUGB) is a campus-wide student-led board established to operate and maintain the Student Union, Redwood Building, and Student Media Press Center to enhance the sense of campus-wide community and to promote the educational, social, and cultural development of students and other members of the University community. The SUGB is composed of student representatives from student organizations, centers, governments, and media.

Measure 66
Support Student Governed Spaces
 The measure supports the student-centered programs through the SUGB and the short-term and long-term facility operations of the Redwood Building, Student Union, and Student Media Center.
Please note: During the COVID-19 shelter-in-place, the Studetn Union, Redwood Building, and the Student Media Press Center will remain closed. Major and minor building maintenance projects will be conducted during this time.

Student training

“It is important for students to have agency over the programs and spaces that they utilize. Serving on the SUGB, I’ve experienced how students are capable of making these types of decisions because they are a part of their own unique student community.”

-Alyssa Serrano, SUGB Board Member

The Student Union offer study, event, and meeting spaces open to all students on campus. Resources include the use of computers, a printer, copier, games, pool table, and reservable meeting space. All students are welcome to use the space to rest, study, meet, and organize in a student-designed environment. It is a comfortable place for students to build community.

The Student Media Press Center is home to print and broadcast student media organizations. This center is designed for active students to meet and design publications and productions that support student voice on campus including City on a Hill Press, Film Production Coalition, TWANAS, Chinquapin, and many more.

The SUGB is a democratic body where students learn to manage major projects. For example, to maintain safe spaces for all students the SUGB is responsible for building structures, furnishing common spaces, and sustainable use of water and electricity.

The SUGB also creates programs that address student needs and interests. For example, to support all students and address food injustice, the SUGB established the quarterly Finals Breakfast where all students are invited to the Student Union to pick-up a free and healthy breakfast served by SUGB members. Each quarter large numbers of students participate in the free Finals Breakfast and students share the opportunity with their peers.

COVID-19 Response: Due to the shelter-in-place order and need to practice social distancing, the SUGB adapted all meetings to be through zoom and members continued to be actively involved.The board recognized that the closure offers an opportunity to do major renovations that would otherwise disrupt the work of students in the buildings. Accordingly, the board has fast tracked its projects focused on safety and improving facilities for students.


Annual students visiting the Student Union and Redwood Building


Unique student reservations in the Redwood Lounge annually

Future Planning

  Students working

The SUGB has the complex and extensive responsibility of maintaining three buildings. Thus the SUGB takes care in managing its funds to prepare for costly renovations and new facilities projects. Because the SUGB is committed to keeping student spaces as accessible, safe, and comfortable as possible, the board regularly evaluates the building infrastructure and services to manage anticipated long-range facility projects. These projects include roof replacements, increasing sustainable lighting, refinishing floors, replacing the elevator, and accessibility initiatives. Thus, the SUGB must take care to save funds for costly renovations and new facilities projects.

This year, the SUGB is launching an initiative to update the buildings with more health-conscious, safe, and sustainable features. The initiative includes the installation of motion-sensor bathroom accessories and touchless sanitizer dispensers. As the buildings welcome many students and experience a lot of foot traffic, the goal is to provide visitors with safe and accessible operations.