Find a community to enhance & enrich your college experience out of almost 200 student organizations! Click this image to browse the list.

SOMeCA is home to about 200 registered student organizations! These organizations are vital to the campus climate and community at the University of California, Santa Cruz for students to truly engage in their college experience.

Listed on the side are the organizations that are currently registered for this academic year and prior. This list is updated weekly.

Organizations are registered by the following focus areas:

  • Academic - Develop ties with your academic goals and career interests
  • Cultural & Identity - Find a sense of community through shared cultural upbringing and beliefs
  • Environmental & Sustainability - Create and motivate environmental awareness
  • General Interest - Engage with various students through a common interest
  • Greek Letter - Discover sororities and fraternities for a broad range of opportunities
  • Media - Broadcast - Learn production level skills
  • Media - Print - Create printed publications to distribute campus-wide
  • Performing & Visual Arts - Convey artistic expression through voice and body
  • Political & Advocacy - Education, advocate, and discuss political consciousness
  • Professional - Guide, support, and grow in your career goals
  • Religious & Spiritual - Strengthen or learn faith and beliefs in a shared community
  • Service - Volunteer within the community at home or abroad to give service

To get in touch with an organization, email to ask for the contact information for the organization. SOMeCA can provide contact information for only organizations that are currently registered.