Current Funding Bodies

Committee on Ethnic Programming (CEP)

The Committee on Ethnic Programming: Undergraduate students (individuals or organizations) may apply for funding of projects that support ethnic diversity on campus by enhancing the retention and advancement of historically exlcluded populations who are currently underrepresetnted as defined by the UC Office of the President (African Americans, Chicanos, Latinos, American Indians, Filipinos and Asian/Pacific Islanders).

Max Cost Sheet

Core Council

**This year, Core Council funds will be available directly through government bodies. Please contact the college government (or respective College Program Coordinator) that you would like to apply and ask for information on their processes. Core Council will be back next year. Thank you.**

Student organizations registered with SOAR (Student Organization Advising and Resources), OPERS (Office of Physical Education, Recreation and Sports) or Student Media may apply for funding to support their student initiated events, activities, and projects. Core Council funds on-campus activities with consideration to the number of UCSC students who will benefit directly from the activity, among other criteria.



Student Organizations representing undergraduate students may apply for funding for events and activities which support the diversity, retention, academic and/or programmatic goals consistent with the colleges. 

Campus Sustainability Council

The role of the Campus Sustainability Council (CSC) is to provide funding to registered UCSC Student Organizaitons for programs and events that create, implement, and monitor environmentally sound practices on campus as established through the protocol outlined in the Blueprint for a Sustainable Campus. These organizations additionally facilitate greater collaboration between students, the administration, staff, faculty, and the community.

Student Union Assembly (SUA) 

The Student Union Assembly’s Bylaws permit that we can only fund Registered Student Organizations (RSO) in order to promote a successful academic and social experience at UC Santa Cruz. You can find the full length version of our Constitution and Bylaws under the About tab on this website. You can also access some basic information about our funding process here.

College Funding 

For information and deadlines of College funding opportunities visit that College's webpage.

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