Financial Forms

As a Registered Student Organization, SOMeCA provides an organization account for financial operations. Please review the Financial Timeline and Frequently Used Vendors along with the subsequent forms for more information on how to access the Organization's funds.

These forms may be submitted to your respective SOMeCA Office between 9 am-5 pm M-F. Please be advised that these forms will require fiscal review and Advisor authorization as part of the fiscal protocol.

Frequently Used Vendors 

Please review this list of vendors that have filled out a 204 Form and are already in the CruzBuy Purchase Request System. These are frequently used vendors and goods/services may be secured from this vendor via a Purchase Request. 

Please be advised that this is not a complete list of vendors, contact your SOMeCA Office or to inquire if a particular vendor is in the system.

Payee Setup Request (204 Form) for Individuals

Payee Setup Request (204 Form) for Businesses

This is a University form, it’s not a SOMeCA form! This form allows for an individual to be put into the University system in order to be able to do business with them.


  • The 204 Form is available through the University’s website. You will be filling out this form through DocuSign.

  • You will be prompted to sign into your UCSC Gold password account.

  • An email will be sent to your "" account in order to fill out the form.

  • Sign in, fill out the form, and submit.

  • The University will send you an email when this form is complete.


  • Visit the "Commonly Used Vendors" to see the vendors that have already filled out a 204 Form in our “Commonly Used Vendors” section.

Financial requests for 2021 are now available.

Please complete Registration before accessing financial forms. 

Purchase Request (DocuSign PowerForm)

Purchase Request Guide

This form serves as an agreement from your organization to spend org money on Supplies or a Service. We do not give organizations cash, a check, or a credit card to purchase items. Instead, this request creates a document called a Purchase Order that serves as a promise to pay from the University to the vendor.


  • The purchase request form will be submitted online using DocuSign.

  • Submit a supplies request 5 business days prior to your shopping.

  • Submit a service request 10 business days prior to the service needed, and you have to attach a quote.

  • SOAR will send you an email when the purchase order is completed.

  • After your shopping, please turn in a receipt through email to SOAR (


  • Don’t have a service begin until you have a purchase order.

  • Don’t ever sign a quote. If you sign a quote, you pay the quote, not the University.

**For food requests, please meet with your SOMeCA Advisor.** 

Financial requests for 2021 are now available.

Please complete Registration before accessing financial forms. 

Reimbursement (DocuSign PowerForm)

Reimbursement Guide

This form is an agreement that captures the amount to give back to a person when they made a purchase with their own money for the organization.


  • Submit a 204 Form if one isn’t on file.

  • The reimbursement form will be submitted online using DocuSign.

  • Payee information will be asked on the form along with a signature needed from an Authorized Representative of the organization. Don’t self-reimburse. You will need an Authorized Representative to approve this reimbursement.

  • If the Payee is an Authorized Representative, then another signer will need to approve this request.

  • Attach an itemized receipt to prove your purchase.

  • An email confirmation will be sent when SOAR has received a completed reimbursement request.

  • A reimbursement takes up to 6 weeks to be received.


  • Don’t pay out of pocket for services. The University can’t reimburse you for services. 

Ledger Request Guide

RSO Authorized Representative submits a request to view the organization ledger to the SOAR email ( from their personal "" account. The email will serve as the authorization to review. SOMeCA fiscal staff reviews the request, sends a confirmation receipt, and attaches a spreadsheet of the organization's financial transactions.

  • Allow 2 business days for processing.


  • Non-Authorized Represnetatives cannot request ledgers.


Contact your SOMeCA advisor for any travel-related matters. Visit our Protocols for more information.


Please contact your SOMeCA advisor if your organization is planning on having a fundraiser.  

Internal Transfer

Contact your advisor to submit a transfer of funding. Internal Use: DocuSign TOE Form