Financial Forms

As a Registered Student Organization, SOMeCA provides an organization account for financial operations. Please review the Financial Timeline and Frequently Used Vendors along with the subsequent forms for more information on how to access the Organization's funds.

These forms may be submitted to your respective SOMeCA Office between 9am-5pm M-F. Please be advised that these forms will require fiscal review and Advisor authorization as part of the fiscal protocol.

Financial Timeline 
  • Please take note of these timelines for different financial processes and plan accordingly. While we strive to serve students as best to our abilities, late requests and paperwork may jeopardize your organization's event.

Note: this does not cover all transactions, just the most common ones. Many of these transactions require an appointment with your advisor where noted.

Frequently Used Vendors 
  • Please review this list of vendors that have filled out a 204 Form and are already in the CruzBuy Purchase Request System. These are frequently used vendors and goods/services may be secured from this vendor via a Purchase Request. Please be advised that this is not a complete list of vendors, contact your SOMeCA Office or to inquire if a particular vendor is in the system.
Audit Trails
  • SOMeCA organizations ensure careful Cash Handling practices and appropriate Audit Trails by maintaining the following forms for the collection of funds during on campus events. All funds must be deposited within 24 hours of a fundraiser and must be deposited with an Authorized Rep with the Audit Trail completely filled out.
  • *Please speak with your Advisor if you are interested in selling Admissions tickets or Drawing Tickets.

Payee Setup Request (204 Form)*
  • Payee setup request form (204) is used to add a vendor/student to the university database to be able to pay the vendor/student. This form is required to be submitted prior to paying any vendor/student.
  • Please note: these are Official UCSC forms. You must right click and download the file in order to access the form.
  • Use this form to request a purchase. Please allow a minimum of 6 or 11 business days to process Purchase Requests. 
    Food & Supplies take 6 business days to process
    Services take 11 business days to process, these requests require a quote.
    A quote may be in email format but must have:
    • Name of the vendor
    • Contact information of the vendor
    • What services will be performed, date, location
    • How much is being charged
    If you are entering a new vendor and a 204 Form must already be submitted, please include the vendor's phone number and email address.
    • Form for supplies reimbursements (non-food or entertainment related). Make sure to include address where check is to be mailed and an authorized signer other than payee must be requestor. The University's Supply Reimbursement Guide may be found on the Financial Affairs website
    • Please note: these are Official UCSC forms. You must right click and download the file in order to access the form.
    • This form is used for reimbursement of food and entertainment purchases. The University's Food and Entertainment policy may be found on the Financial Affairs website.

Charter Bus Template 
  • Please use this helpful tool to make sure you get all the information you need when requesting Charter Services. You will need to submit this form with you Purchase Request along with 2 quotes showing price comparison and if you elect to use the more expensive service, please include a sentence explaining your reasoning. Please see the list of approved Charter companies that work with UCSC.

*You must download this form and open it via Adobe Acrobat

**Submitting a Payee Setup Request (204 Form) is required before starting the reimbursement process.