Starting a New Organization

Registration is now open for the 2019-2020 Academic Year

Starting a new organization is exciting and allows you to both develop new leadership skills and connect with your community in Santa Cruz.
See the SOMeCA Protocols for policy regarding registration. 
In order to start a new organization, we invite you to meet with our Peer Advisors for an intake meeting. Our Peer Advisors will meet with you to discuss the registration process and assess if SOMeCA is the best sponsoring unit for your organization.

Peer Advisors will be available through the SOAR Office Monday-Friday from 1pm-4pm starting October 7.

Deadline to register is December 6, 2019 by 5pm. 


Registration Process:

  1. Complete the New Student Organization Intake Questionaire (also available in the SOAR Office).
  2. Bring your questionaire to SOAR and meet with SOAR Peer Advisors for intake review process.
  3. SOAR Peer Advisors determine elegibility for registration with appropriate SOMeCA Office. If eligible, pick up Application for Registration at SOAR.
  4. Fill out Application for Registration
  5. All Four Authorized Representatives view online orientation videos.
  6. All Four Authorized Representatives take and pass the Online Orientation Quiz with a score of 100%.
  7. Fill out and complete a constitution (See here for a guide on constitutions).
  8. Submit completed Basic Registration Packet, along with a consititution, to SOAR for approval. 



 *Please see the 2019-2020 Expansion Council Memo for information regarding Greek Letter Expansion