Register a Continuing Organization

Registration is now open for the 2017-2018 Academic Year

Please review the Pathway guidelines as the type of events you would like to host this year will determine your registration Pathway, as well as the registration requirements.

*Please be aware that if you are registering a continuing Greek Letter Organization (GLO), you will have additional resources

Please review the following information to make sure you understand the Registration requirements.

To complete basic registration for your organization for 2017-2018, your organization must:

    1. Complete an “Application to Register” form: A minimum of 4 currently registered UCSC students need to read and sign the form, agreeing to serve as Authorized Representatives of the organization. The form will be available from your respective SOMeCA office starting Sept. 18. Return the completed form in to your respective SOMeCA office once you have completed Steps 1-3. *(No scanned or FAXed copies. Ink signatures only)
    2. Take the online orientation: All Authorized Representatives need to watch the Online Orientation videos and receive a 100% on the quiz. Click Here to view the Orientation Videos.
    3. Complete or review your Constitution: If you are a continuing organization, you may choose to review your constitution on file with SOMeCA. If you are updating your constitution, you can reference how to create a Constitution (Instruction here) or use our helpful fill-in-the-blanks option (Found here).


Once you return the Registration form to your respective SOMeCA Office and the Office has verified that your organization has met these requirements, your organization has completed basic registration. You may now begin scheduling meetings with your advisor and coordinating your organization's small scale programming such as general body meetings.

*If you are Pathway 1, you have now completed all of your registration requirements.