Registration for Pathway B: Developing the Organization

2021-2022 Academic Year


Resources & Benefits

  • Trainings on Communication, Collaboration, and Financial Literacy
  • Meetings with your organization advisor
  • Access to SOMeCA events and workshops
  • Additional specialized trainings for events, productions, and organization development
  • Access to Financial Account with support from an experienced financial team
  • Support, guidance, and leadership development provided by an experienced organization advisor

Events & Productions

Click here to learn more about Event Guidelines.

SOAR Student Media CAD
  • Unlimited Small Scale Events
  • 4 Mid-Scale Events
  • 1 Large-Scale Events
  • Unlimited Small Scale Productions
  • 3 Mid-Scale Productions
  • Unlimited Small Scale Productions
  • 4 Mid-Scale Productions
  • 1 Large-Scale Productions

Follow These Steps

  1. Identify your four Authorized Representatives.
  2. Set up a meeting with the appropriate SOMeCA Office pertaining to your organization. An Application for Registration will be sent out to be completed from DocuSign.
  3. Complete Application for Registration form on DocuSign.
    • Select Path B.
    • Attach updated constitution if applicable.
  4. All Four Authorized Representatives must watch the Online Orientation videos and pass the quiz with a score of 100%.
  5. Our staff will email you to confirm you've completed the registration process!
  6. Schedule your Advisor Agreement Meeting
  7. RSVP to Leadership Series by Oct 29, 2021.
    • All authorized representatives must attend Engaging Communication and Authentic Collaboration.
    • In addition, only the fiscal representative must also attend Making Money Moves.
    • If an authorized representative previously completed the 2020-2021 Leadership Series, the trainings this year are not required but optional.
  8. Stay connected with your SOMeCA advisor for winter and spring dates!